Control projects with Invantive Vision

Invantive introduces Invantive Vision. With Invantive Vision Invantive offers a better overview of the risks, the revenues and the status of projects. Invantive Vision combines data in the system with data from other programs and in this way provides insight into information about things such as costs, prognosis, planning and time tracking.

Invantive Vision is especially suitable for architect firms, IT companies and service providers of secondment and consultancy. These companies are dealing with increasingly complex projects, where seemingly small differences can have large effects on the gross margin and the end result. The monitoring of the process is of vital importance.

Microsoft Outlook

One of the main features of Invantive Vision is the integration with Microsoft Outlook, which allows the time tracking to be linked simply to the invoicing. After synchronization of Microsoft Outlook with Invantive Vision, the registered hours are immediately processed into a timesheet. Registered hours can automatically be invoiced using this timesheet. Because of this quick time tracking Invantive Vision ensures a shorter lead time, which accelerated the financial processing of projects. With Invantive Vision costs can be transferred to the projects, so that the margin per project and per employee becomes transparent.

Complex projects

Often several collaborating companies are involved in comprehensive projects. By understanding the data, the remaining activities and current cash flow projections Invantive Vision ensures a strong control of projects. Invantive Vision can easily be integrated in complex environments and can be extended to a total package for project management.

About Invantive

Invantive provides solutions for real estate companies and for financial institutions in the areas of reporting and control. Solutions of Invantive provide more control, cost savings and business insights.

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