Invantive Vision Atria integrates document management into your project control

Invantive® has recently made the release Atria by Invantive Vision available to its relations. With this new release document management is completely integrated in the project control. Invantive Vision already had extensive possibilities to precisely track your projects financially, using tools like prognoses, cash and revenue flows. Now you can follow the process even better as well because all the documents are collected in one place.

Google Search

With the help of Google-like search functions you can quickly retrieve the right contracts or conversation notices out of thousands of documents. It does not matter if the documents were recorded in Microsoft Word, scans or Adobe PDF format.

Microsoft Outlook integration

The integration with Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to archive all e-mails with one click and to quickly retrieve documents on a topic. But in Outlook you can also quickly locate all relations and suppliers from the project monitoring in your contacts. And the registration of worked hours is now also possible from within the Outlook calendar.

Total solution for IT companies

Invantive Vision enables IT businesses to provide their customers with fast and flexible service, with a minimum of overhead.

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