Allow IP ranges on Invantive Cloud database

It would be nice if it would be possible to give a IP range for access to the Invantive Cloud Database instead of every IP address for it self.

This can come in handy for refreshing the data set in PowerBI service.

Thanks for your idea. Could you give a sample how you would like to specify a range?

In my opnion it could be like 192.1.1.*. In that way you allow everything from a certain IP range to access the database.

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Would a syntax such as also be doable for you (slash notation or CIDR)?

I assume that you mean with a syntax “” means that all IP adrresses between and can access the database.

If that is the case then it is doable for me.

No, it is not. It’s a way of indicating the subnet mask.

There’s a good (little technical) explanation here: ipv4 - The slash after an IP Address - CIDR Notation - Network Engineering Stack Exchange

The /<number> is how a computer can quickly calculate what is part of its network and what is not. It represents the bit length of the subnet mask, as indicated above. The subnet mask is like masking when painting. You place a mask over what you DO NOT want to paint on. The subnet mask is a way to calculate the network portion of the address space and the host address space. The network address space is assigned to you, the host address space you define which device receives what address in the host space.