Announcing Get My Report for Exact Online


For Apple, Google Sheets and Office for the Web users, Invantive announces Get My Report, a hosted and web-based real-time reporting and dashboard solution, based upon Invantive SQL. It supports Exact Online and over 50 other platforms.

Exact Online Reporting on the Web

For users of Apple, Google Sheets and Office for the Web Invantive introduces a new solution: Get My Report.

Get My Report is a hosted and web-based real-time reporting and dashboard solution that unleashes the full power of Invantive SQL with access to Exact Online, Teamleader, Salesforce and over 50 other platforms.

Competitively priced it places no limits on the number of users, solely on the number of partitions such as Exact Online companies.

For all Exact Online countries it is the sole solution that out-of-the-box covers the full range of over 700 APIs, both for XML and REST APIs for Wholesale, Manufacturing, Projects and other industry-solutions. Consolidation and cross-company reporting and analysis is simplified thanks to parallel and fast access scaling well above 1.000 companies.

Reports are composed upon your demands and the output from real-time data is made available in various formats such as Excel and more machine-readable formats, suitable for direct processing in Google Sheets, Power BI, Dropbox and others.

The reports can combine data from multiple sources in one report set, including Excel workbooks, other cloud applications or databases and web resources.

For very large data sets, an integrated replication engine is available. The replication engine also reduces the time needed to fill out a report with data from very slow data sets (typically from cloud applications).


The dashboard displays reports based upon access privileges. In the sample below only a sales invoice lines report has been made configured for the user:

When a report has been selected, a number of configurable parameters are presented which determine the contents of the report. The output of a report can be one or multiple sets of data, such as both a list of the number of items sold together with a list of the sales invoice lines for use in creating a pivot table.

The report in this case has a number of optional parameters (in Dutch):

When the download button is selected, the data is downloaded in this case as an Excel spreadsheet with three worksheets.

Approximately ten output formats exist, including distribution by email.

The output can be for instance be taken from three companies here:

Responsive Design

Get My Report is also optimized for use with tiny format-factor devices such as an iPhone or tablet. A user can log in on an iPhone:

And then choose the report desired:

Pricing: Flat Fee for Users

Pricing is EUR 50 per month per 10 partitions (for instance 10 Exact Online companies). There is no additional fee per user, so all your company’s users can access the solution using their Exact Online log on code.

Since there is no surcharge per user, Get My Report offers a cost-effective alternative to Invantive Control when there are no upload or risk simulation needs and the output format doesn’t require the utmost layout possibilities.

In the Box

A number of standard parametrized reports are available with each Get My Report environment such as item catalogue, sales invoice lines and General Ledger transactions. Additional reports can be constructed on a fixed price basis or priced per hour. Reports created by consultants or your own employees can also be made available.

For more information, please contact Invantive Sales at +31 88 00 26 500.