Archiving an e-mail about a project out of Microsoft Outlook

Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision do not just help to control projects financially, but also operationally. Operationally speaking a project is composed out of a colorful mix of activities and issues. We call these ‘processes’. These processes might have a bearing on the content of the process (such as risks, milestones and the drafting of an action plan), but possibly also on the final result (for example the removal of a wasp’s nest or the building of an input screen). A different process might be defined for each process category. Which steps you can take in the process, is dependent on your role in the organization or in the project. Sometimes it is dependent on limits and sometimes, sometimes it is even trickier.

The Invantive Outlook Add-in

Because Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used programs of a project team that uses pcs, we have ensured that you can quickly and easily register your activities in Microsoft Outlook. With it you can also share information without giving others access to your personal e-mailbox. All of this is possible thanks to our Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

If you are working on a project, then Outlook Add-on is the only application you need to be able to work together on a project in Invantive Vision or Invantive Estate. If you have the rights for it, you can use this to:

  • register the hours of you or a colleague;
  • plan activities (tasks) for yourself or colleagues;
  • open and edit the file of a project or activity;
  • calling and mailing with internal and external involved parties;
  • synchronize contacts;
  • archive e-mails.


I often hear the question how you can find all these options out of Microsoft Outlook. My colleague Pieter has made a short video about this that shows you the basics; the archiving of an e-mail about a process within the project.

The original video is no longer available.