Article Average Cost Price ("Gemiddelde Inkoopprijs" or "GIP") of Exact Online

Is it possible to make sure we can get the GIP (costprice) information available?

Average cost price is available when you select “Average Costing” in the Settings tab “Inventory” as Method for “Inventory valuation method”:
Instelling gemiddelde kostprijs

When set correctly, the average cost price is displayed in the stock valuation report (Menu option Inventory -> Analysis & Results -> Stock Value / Dutch: Voorraad -> Analyse -> Voorraadwaarde):

By intent, the average cost price has been created by adding a revaluation to make the difference very clear. Average cost price is based upon all transactions of items in stock:

The average cost price is not available in the REST APIs provided through Invantive SQL, but is in the great old XML API ExactOnlineXML..ItemsEx:

Please remember that it seems that the XML APIs were designed with the business user (finance professional) in mind, whereas the REST APIs have been designed with a developer in mind (which typically is less interested in accounting stuff).

In Invantive Control, you can retrieve Exact Online’s average cost price of an item using the formula I_EOL_ITM_costs_price_value:

Thanks for help on this one from @hans.jansen of Control Info.