Cost per Item from ShopOrderRoutingStepPlans on Exact Online

The column costperitem from table ShopOrderRoutingStepPlans has values with 2 digits.

Could this be set towards 5 digits (like Exact Online)?

Invantive SQL does not change the number of digits. According to the data model, CostPerItem is a double.

See for more background.

Can you provide a sample where digits are shown in Exact Online web interface and none in the receiving package? Make sure to also try another tool or multiply it by 1000 to make trailing digits visible which might be not displayed.

Maybe what I look for is in another table, but I am looking for the costprice for production hours. I can find them for material, but not production hours (at leat, not for 5 digits).

See attachment:

To clarify:
the cosprice in ShopOrderRoutingStepPlans is the planned (expected) costprice. I am looking for the realized cosprice per unit or the total realized costs (see also the attachement in previous message).

Where did you find it for production hours, but with incorrect number of digits? Do you have an Invantive SQL sample?