"Bring your own app" and granted delegation

The client switched to “Bring your own app” and granted delegation for our entity. Unfortunately we cannot refresh their Excel files build in power query where we use connection with Exact. The usual credentials do not work anymore. Do we need to proceed with some other steps so we can refresh their files via delegations?

What is the exact error message given?

Bring Your Own App and delegation can not influence each other.

When I refresh the file I have the error of Invalid credentials.

In Invantive account I have the following issue which redirects me to an Exact account.


Can you state the error exactly (error code, message, and context)?

The red 1 indicates that a data container needs repair. This can be due to various causes, such as too infrequent use (often credentials expire when not used after for instance 30 days). Please read more on:

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