Connector SQL driver Visma.NET HRM (Talent)

Connector for Visma.NET HRM and Payroll.

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Async gathered and returned as CSV wrapped in JSON object.

Please note separate from the regular SQL driver for Power BI.

Currently there are no plans to add an Invantive SQL driver for HRM (Talent).

The current APIs available for HRM are asynchronous: an extract (data set) is requested and when available later fetched. There is no real-time behaviour. Also, the actual payload of the data set is in a CSV format without metadata. The CSV is embedded in JSON.

A custom development partner might better be able to suit your specific needs. The decision can be reconsidered for HRM APIs when a more real-time API implementation with metadata becomes available.

For custom development, the HTTP packages of Invantive PSQL or HttpDownload@DataDictionary could be useful.

The preview of the currently available API is documented at

You can execute for this as follows at Visma:

  • Register account at
  • Include your company details.
  • In “My Applications”, create a new “Service” application with JWT enabled.
  • Publish the application.
  • Create an integration to “HRM Analytics Public API”, and request the needed scopes.
  • Within approximately 2 days the request will be processed.
  • The access data is provided by mail.