Create stored procedures outside GUI

Is there any way of creating a stored procedure programmatically, like with curl or similar?

I have problems comprehending what the actual question is.

What product and scenario do you intend?

We’re currently running a stored procedure in Invantive Cloud, running it via Curl.

We would rather not have to update the source code for the stored procedure via the GUI for Invantive Cloud, but programmatically via curl or a similar solution.

Is that possible?

APIs for maintaining Cloud metadata

At the moment, there are no APIs for maintaining the contents of application modules that are addressable for end users. Internally Invantive Cloud uses APIs to register the updates with Data Guard (see Invantive Cloud Structure).

The package cloud_metadata allows some limited access to module logic, which may be executed by retrieving more metadata besides executing.


For on-server deployments, it is possible to use Invantive Data Hub or Invantive Query Tool. They can directly access the same and even more data containers as Invantive Cloud.

When it solely concerns development time, the Query Tool can be used to write the module logic.

What type of logic are you planning that it needs to be variable? Or is it for deployment using a pipeline?

Or is it for deployment using a pipeline?

This is the case. Ideally we would like to have a CD pipeline pushing the stored procedures to invantive. So any solution that can be done programmatically would be of help here.

Thanks for the explanation. This function to change the Invantive Cloud metadata of an organization (each organization is a tenant / environment) is not yet available.

An idea has been registered: Open API to upload modules (stored procedures) and other metadata to Invantive Cloud

There is no real showstoppers, since for security reasons the backplane already uses a secured API for this. However, at that time we decided against this API to the Internet to introduce an additional layer of protection. We have seen too cases in which such an API was less secure than the vendor assumed it, leading to ta risk of massive data leaks.

When the need becomes more established, the mindset over the last months has been towards an additional API layer on the already secured API and secured back-end storage. This additional API layer provides only limited operations of the original set of operations of the backplane API.

Alright, thank you for registering the idea. Is there any way to formally support this idea?

Yes, the formal approach besides a post is to add a vote to it, see picture below. I don’t know whether the word “Stem” is translated into English in your display, but it means “Vote”.

Vote for idea

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