Elementary Solutions and Invantive provide better workplace integration for UK Exact Online customers

Harderwijk (NL) / Hereford (UK) - Exact Online solution provider Elementary Solutions helps improve the bottom line for UK users of Exact Online by improving the synergy between their processes, people and technology through Exact Online. To further enhance and deepen the integration within the everyday workplace, Elementary Solutions now offers the MS Office-based products of Invantive for the following Exact Online solutions:

  • Exact Online for Accounting
  • Exact Online for Professional Services
  • Exact Online for Wholesale Distribution
  • Exact Online for Manufacturing

Over 250.000 organizations worldwide use business software of Exact Online with offices in 14 countries such as UK, US, Germany and France and headquartered in the Netherlands. The business software of Exact Online has been used as a cloud platform for over 10 years, targeting ambitious entrepreneurs and accountants.

Exact Online provides synergy as a real cloud platform across people working together in a company as employee, supplier or customer. To improve the synergy between peoples and processes by reaching out to the desktop and system integrations, Invantive also offers an integrated suite of products designed for Microsoft Office.

Bringing Exact Online inside Microsoft Office

For instance, Invantive Control for Excel allows people to real-time retrieve, process and exchange current business figures and facts with Exact Online in the cloud. And Invantive Composition for Word improves both the efficiency in creating outbound documents as well as the quality by combining essential business data from Exact Online cloud with predesigned templates for your business documents.

And all Invantive products for Exact Online allow consolidation and data exchange across multiple companies within one familiar environment.

More synergy with Exact Online and Elementary Solutions

Elementary Solutions provides its UK Exact Online customers with hands-on skills to integrate Microsoft Office with Exact Online using Invantive solutions. The consultants at Elementary Solutions can help you in fine-tuning the facts needed to control your business and then making those facts available for everyday use. This helps entrepreneurs to make well-informed business decisions and accountants to provide trustworthy advice, leaving more time for ambition and growth.

About Elementary Solutions

Elementary Solutions helps businesses save time and money and improve efficiency by making sure their processes, software and people are working together well. The vision is based upon of three simple rules: when your business has the right processes in place you’re more in control, software should support your processes not frustrate them and when your people are empowered they’re more efficient and effective. More information on Elementary Solutions.

About Invantive

Invantive provides an extensive and integrated range of software solutions for companies across the globe. We deliver unique software solutions for Exact Online, real estate businesses, project-oriented organizations and banks. More information on Invantive.