Error when trying to connect to Visma eAccounting

When trying to connect to Visma eAccounting I am sent to a Visma site where it says “Unauthorized client”. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

I am sorry, we are currently awaiting a configuration change to be activated. Once applied we will inform you through this topic.

Thanks for answering! Do you have a ball park estimation on when it will be up and working again?

No, but it was a trigger to reach out again to raise attention to the request. In general, it should be a rather short timeframe of at most few weeks, but with Summer holidays approaching it can vary.

The approval has been given, but there seems to be a configuration issue specifically in this configuration:

Oops! Something went bad on our side. Contact the api support at email. Save the provided ErrorId for reference.`

We will be reaching out, but it will take some more time.

The Visma eAccounting driver has been dropped.