Fix itgenspr029 Errors


A number of checks have been added to improve checks on data quality of cloud platform data. These checks can require a previously acceptable data model to be rejected. The note provides steps to correct the facts and history tables of Data Replicator.

Data Replicator Upgrade Error itgenspr029

Starting with release 17.31.22, all data retrieved from data containers is subjected to the same data quality checks as performed by Invantive SQL. These checks were introduced since we found that some cloud platforms return data in a format not matching their specifications. The checks also apply to the data model in the database containing the replicated data.

Last year we have also improved the use of compression options on SQL Server for environments in the terabyte range by establishing and specifying maximum length of text columns. Historically, many Data Replicator databases still use an unlimited length on text columns whereas a limit would be better possible.

For the checks to work, it was necessary for text columns to differentiate between varying length texts and fixed size length of 1 character.

On Data Replicator databases created before August 2018 the replication process may trigger an error on SQL Server (Azure and on-premise) such as:

itgenspr029: Maintenance of the table 'dcd_kx78b' failed. (ExactOnlineXML.XML.FinYears).

itgenase091: The following columns have not been installed with the correct data type: d0d5a6c7d4ca753e2f726f27a3414f (type: int64, not null, origin: DIVISION_HID) (should be 'int64', was 'string' in database). (ExactOnlineXML.XML.FinYears)

The error is caused by the database columns historically having an unlimited size, but the checks revealing the need to specify the correct size.

You will need to have your DBA execute the following script for each of the columns listed:
alter table dcd_kx78b alter column d0d5a6c7d4ca753e2f726f27a3414f bigint

This is a one-time operation. After correcting the data type for all columns listed, data replication will continue as before.

Execution time of the script can vary and is not uncommon to exceed one hour in large environments per column. Your local Database Administrator may be able to provide alternative approaches. Assistance on planning and executing the upgrade can be acquired on basis of Time & Material consulting by Invantive and our partners.