Itgendch646, itgendch440 or itgendch445 on opening Data Replicator repository


When running your first action on a database with Data Replicator configured, you receive a message such as:

itgendch646: 4 table partitions over freshness in ready state, oldest …, 3 obsolete, oldest …


The message is NOT an error; it is just a warning as signaled in GUI products by the yellow exclamation mark instead of a red cross.

The warning informs you that the content (rows) of some or all of the contents of active table partition versions should have been replaced by more recent content. The message only appears when the content is far beyond obsoletion: at least one day beyond the calculated obsoletion moment of the data.

Execute the following steps:

  • Check that the replication process is triggered on a sufficiently regular interval. Most sites use a daily interval.
  • Check that the replication process completed succesfully. Most sites use a log file when triggering the replication through Invantive Data Hub.
  • Check that the replication process connects to the data containers listed as being far over freshness.
  • When the message still appears, please contact a data replication consultant.