Itgendch786: At most one session can actively use the repository at any time. There is another active session

The error code itgendch786 signals that a Data Replicator repository is locked by another session:

At most one session can actively use the repository at any time.
There is another active session, identified by ‘…’.
Please ask the other user to close the session.
Sessions are automatically considered terminated when starting a job on the same device and for other devices after 7 days of inactivity.


An Invantive Data Replicator repository can be accessed by at most one session at any time and therefore it is locked to the active session. When you need to increase loading speed, parallelism is available within a single Data Replicator session. To allow parallelism during data replication, please select the partitions in advance using the use statement, such as:

use all@exactonline, all@twinfield

When parallel replication is available, it will automatically be activated within the boundaries of the (cloud) platform. The replication is used on table level with queries, such as select count(*) from TABLE, but also through statements such as:

alter persistent cache refresh


First: when the session accessing the repository is still active, please wait for the session to complete.

When the session shown in the error message is no longer active but still registered as active, it’s termination is automatically detected when an effort is made to open the repository using an UI-product such as Query Tool or Data Hub on the same device. In that case, the Query Tool or Data Hub detects that a session is still active according to the repository and checks the list of active processes whether it can find the associated process on the operating system level. The session is registered as terminated in the repository when the software can reliably establish that the OS-process no longer exists.

So second: connect to the repository on the same device as listed when possible.

When the same device is not accessible, the session will be registered as terminated in the repository automatically 7 days after it started. Starting release 20.1.397, this threshold can be altered using the Data Replicator driver’s attribute session-terminated-threshold-hours.

The third option is therefore to wait for 7 days.

As a fourth alternative the contents of date_end in the repository table dc_sessions can be modified with assistance from an Invantive consultant. Note that altering the contents of dc_sessions directly can void your support.


The error code itgendch786 can be replaced by itgendch787 in the unlikely event more than one session managed to become active.