Get my report Invoice Report: same invoice occurs twice

We are analysing our sales result based on the invoice report generated by “Get my report”.

However we see there are some invoices are included multiple times in “Get my report”.

For example invoice number: 21702018 (Our company number: 287962)

This happens to more than one customers in the sales overview.

Do you have an idea how this can happen?

If necessary , we can do a remote control, so I can show you how it is in Exact originally.

Sales invoice lines:

Based upon the data it seems that the invoice 21702018 was paid using multiple payments, which is why it was listed twice.

Is it correct that the invoice 21702018 was paid through multiple payments?

Yes, they paid multiple invoices at once.

Will it be possible to filter this out? If yes, how can we d?

Do you have some news?

With the new info of “Afwijking Betalingstermijn (dagen)”, we see no possibility to filter the lines…