Wrong Exact Online company on Get My Report (Open Sales Invoices in Currency of Customers)

The ‘Open Sales Invoices in Currency of Customers’ in Get My Report does not work when we select ‘All companies’ and only works for one of our entities.

To make sure the problem is understood: all companies are selected, but only data of one company is returned?

And the other companies should contain relevant data?

Yes, when all companies are selected it only returns some value of one company (let’s say company A). And if select any individual company (e.g. company C) it still returns with the same information from company A. It has been like this for almost two weeks now.

Thanks for the elaboration.

Your problem has been reproduced; it was not possible to use a company different from the currently selected company in Exact Online. A fix has been installed.

Please try again. In case the problem persists, please add an answer and describe the current behaviour that you experience.

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