Itgenboe024 Error on Tableau with Exact Online table with App Online

When retrieving Exact Online data from within Tableau using the corrected URL (“” replaced by “” as described in Tableau geeft TableauException: Can't find entity type: Invantive.DataDictionary.Invantive.AUDITEVENTS@DataDictionary) I get the following error:

Unknown table ‘ExactOnlineREST_Incremental_GLAccountsIncremental_eol’.
Possible valid alternatives:

See picture.

The problem reproduces by opening the URL:

How can this be resolved?

After some testing with the user, the issue was not reproducible.

If you experience this problem again, please follow up on this post.

A possible candidate that can cause this behavior in a low percentage of cases has been identified and fixed. A new release with this fix will be taken into production within 3 working days.

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