Invantive Estate introduction

Real estate projects are major challenges to any organization. Only after a long period of large investments will you be able to reap the benefits in the form of revenue. Small errors can pressurize your margin, while a piece of creativity of your project developer by tuning the supply to the demand can be rewarded with a sharp increase of your project profit. In the course of a project you will negotiate with countless suppliers and close deals for rentals, sales and financing. Invantive Estate enables your entire organization to get a crystal clear image of the status of a real estate project.


  • Real estate projects with a size of EUR 100K to 1 billion and a duration of 1 month to 10 years: shops, offices, businesses, parking and private housing.
  • Budget control, registration of realization and margin on the basis of a proven expert model.
  • Produces a projection of cash flows and determines NPV.
  • Most recent insights of the project developer combined with realization numbers from your financial systems.
  • Registration of commitments, expected and accomplished sales of units and surface area.
  • For own profit, partnership or on the basis of recalculation.
  • Registration of hours and tasks.
  • A valuable tool for both your project developers and your financial administration and controllers to gain insight into the financial results in a real estate project in the short and long term.


  • Extensive reporting on five levels of detail.
  • Adaptable dashboards.
  • Splicing of numbers per cost type.
  • Simplification of your reporting in accordance to IFRS.
  • Integrated application controls.


  • Intuitive web interface with help.
  • Extensive integration with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Extensive access and information security.
  • 1 to 1.000 users.
  • 1 to 10.000 projects.
  • Reports in PDF and Microsoft Excel™.
  • Situation reproducible for every historical moment.
  • Integrated document management system.
  • Modular build.

Supported Surroundings

  • Languages: Dutch. English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.
  • Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.x, Safari 4 and Google Chrome 9 and newer.
  • Exact™, Oracle Applications™, SAP™, KING™, Exact Online™, Eniac™, PeopleSoft™ and other systems that deliver financial transactions in the open exchange format of Invantive Estate.

This information is also available as PDF.