Invantive Estate brings clarity to complex real estate projects

Invantive introduces Invantive Estate for financial management of real estate projects

Invantive introduces Invantive Estate, software that helps project developers to map the financial status of a real estate project. The costs, revenues and risks of large development projects are available at any moment because of it, both for the short and long term. For large real estate projects there are often different suppliers and service providers involved. Countless deals on the areas of rentals, sales, financing and deliveries need to be closed. In this multitude of contracts and agreements a small error could pressurize the margins, while a creative thought of a developer could ensure a sharp increase of profit. Invantive Estate offers clarity on the financial consequences of choices, agreements and unforeseen circumstances.

Invantive Estate is also easily accessible for financial professionals and developers. Thanks to the overviews of Invantive Estate it is simple to react creatively in tricky situations. Developers can bend problems that would normally cause delays to advantages. A proven expert model tracks budgets, registers the realization and tracks expectations. It can combine numbers about the realization of the financial administrations with the most recent insights of developers, commitments and expected sales records. The software can also be used in collaboration with other project developers. Users can further develop the data from the Excel or PDF reports. Invantive Estate is suitable for developers of shops, industrial sites, office spaces, parking facilities and housing. Projects with a magnitude of 100 thousand euro up to 500 million euro and with a duration of one month to ten years can be managed with the application. The program is accessible through a web browser. The software is usable for one to a hundred users and thousands of projects. Invantive Estate supports the recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Konqueror, and can easily exchange information with programs including Exact and Oracle E-business Suite. Invantive Estate can be offered as a locally controlled application and will seamlessly fit into an existing IT surrounding, but can also be offered through the internet.

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