Invantive SFTP provider with SSH keys?

does anyone uses the Invantive provider SFTP here ?
and knows how to setup the connection chain with a user + private SSH key ?

At the moment, only FTP(S) is easily supported. SFTP is FTP over a SSH-tunnel. Please note that the link refers to Invantive Estate; a different product line for real estate development.

Do you want to execute SFTP using an on-premises device as indicated by tags or using Invantive Cloud?

Does it concern file transfer and if so: what number and size approximately with what type of payload?

I thanks for your answer.

Sorry for confusion between Query Tool/Data Hub and your other product.

We have text files generated by our Fuel station Point of Sale from Tokheim (TSG) that are daily sales files.

This is very old fashioned, but no API nor cloud solution are yet developed by TSG Solutions (yet the EU leader for fuel delivery systems).

The FuelPOS has a service that will daily upload the file to a AWS-sFTP that we have specifically built for this using AWS Transfer.

I would like to execute Data Hub on premise to daily download theses text files, process them, then insert them in our Microsoft SQL Server.

AWS-FTP supports SFTP, FTPS, or FTP but identity providers are with limited to SSH authentication key pairs with the identity provider chosen. They don’t support login/password off the shelves.

And FuelPOS only supports sFTP or FTP so we choose sFTP.

The payload is rather small, one file of few KB everyday to download. Then I would like to execute text logic driven algorithm (here again the file format is neither JSON, not XML nor any structured type we would wait for… but simply tagged with CR) and insert into SQL Server.