Issue General Ledger Account Mapping Accounts

I am encountering an issue while attempting to retrieve the mapping table and the associated general ledger accounts. Specifically, I am using the tables: Twinfield.Views.GeneralLedgerAccountMappings@tfd and Twinfield.Views.GeneralLedgerAccountMappingAccounts@tfd respectively.

I am filtering based on a single hierarchy_code.

When retrieving the mapping (Twinfield.Views.GeneralLedgerAccountMappings@tfd), I receive 365 rows, representing the complete reporting structure.

However, when attempting to retrieve the underlying general ledger accounts (Twinfield.Views.GeneralLedgerAccountMappingAccounts@tfd), I do not get any rows returned.

It seems like that the GeneralLedgerAccountMappingAccounts views only returns the General Ledger Accounts for the first CompanyCode where I have access to and when I filter the specific hierarcy that I’am looking for, no data is found, while in the GeneralLedgerAccountMappingAccounts there is.

Could you look in to this problem?

Please ensure that this behaviour also occurs on the current release of Invantive Cloud (24.0.127, visible in the dropdown on the right) using:

use all@tfd

select *
from   GeneralLedgerAccountMappings@tfd

Last week a number of changes in this area have been taken into production.

Yes, we are using the latest version of Inventive, I checked it.

I know that there was told this problem was fixed last week, but apparently it is not. We still get the same issue.

Check 1

Please also perform the second check listed in the previous reply (the query).

Check 2

The view GeneralLedgerAccountMappingAccounts is defined in basis as:

select hry.* prefix with 'hierarchy_' label prefix with '{res:itgen_hierarchy} '
,      spn.code  COMPANY_CODE
from   Hierarchies hry
join   SystemPartitions@datadictionary spn
on     spn.is_selected = true

This should select all currently selected Twinfield companies, where for each hierarchy code and company code the list of mappings is retrieved in another step.

Please execute this query in the UniversalSQL editor and check whether the expected company codes are listed as the last column.

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