Itgenclr004: Database could not be opened

Trying to open the database in our delegated organisation gives me this:

The database ‘Invantive Bridge Online - User {XXX}: Database {XXX}’ could not be opened.

Is there some configuration that is missing?

It is not possible to answer the question without further details.

What is the full error message, including code (something like itgen...)?

Does System Messages list some background information? If so, what?

What type of database/data containers are you using?

I understand. Here is more information:

Error code : itgenclr004
Full error message: * The database ‘Invantive Bridge Online - User 07be1475-59f3-4950-a5f7-afe86605edf4: Database 1866’ could not be opened.

No System Messages have been created in relation to this.

The problem probably relates to the source of another question: Itgennnl005 bij aanroepen Nmbrs in Invantive Cloud (Dutch).

Over the weekend a switch was made to a new cluster running Invantive Cloud (the website, Data Guard, App Online and Bridge Online still run on the previous infrastructure).

The registration of some metadata elements triggers an error currently. This will be resolved during the next hours.

Please try again in four hours on Invantive Cloud.

There is no impact on downloads of Loket over Invantive App Online and Invantive Bridge Online.

Okay , thank you! We will wait and try later.