Itgenoda456: Unexpected '__next' token value on `DivisionDocuments` (or itgenoda491)

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When downloading the table DivisionDocuments as follows:

select * 
from   DivisionDocuments(868056)

an error message occurs:

itgenoda456: Unexpected ‘__next’ token value.

This error message is correct. Underwater, the Exact Online API servers return the following response:

  "d": {
    "results": [
        "__metadata": {
          "uri": "'757800f5-d407-4ee2-9e6f-0041a76b63df')",
          "type": "Exact.Web.Api.Read.CRM.DocumentData"
        "Account": "002f84a5-4ced-4fb7-a2e1-fc9c9ead065d",
        "Contact": null,
        "Attachments": {
          "__deferred": {
            "uri": "'757800f5-d407-4ee2-9e6f-0041a76b63df')/Attachments"
        "Created": "2018-10-30T23:48:45.527Z",
        "Creator": "c08dc02d-4e3d-466a-82fd-10ecb348850c",
        "CreatorFullName": "Smoke",
        "DocumentDate": "2018-10-30T00:00:00Z",
        "DocumentViewUrl": "",
        "DocumentFolder": null,
        "Division": 868056,
        "HasEmptyBody": true,
        "HID": 1375,
        "ID": "757800f5-d407-4ee2-9e6f-0041a76b63df",
        "Modified": "2018-10-30T23:48:45.527Z",
        "Modifier": "c08dc02d-4e3d-466a-82fd-10ecb348850c",
        "Opportunity": null,
        "PurchaseInvoiceNumber": null,
        "PurchaseOrderNumber": null,
        "SalesInvoiceNumber": null,
        "SalesOrderNumber": 14,
        "Subject": "Verkooporder: 14",
        "Share": 1,
        "Type": 151,
        "TypeDescription": "Order note",
        "SendMethod": null,
        "Source": 31,
        "SourceDescription": "Sales order",
        "SharePointID": null
... more rows ...
    "__next": {
      "error": {
        "code": "",
        "message": {
          "lang": "",
          "value": "A problem has occurred. The cause of this issue will be investigated as soon as possible."

An internal server error occurs in Exact Online. However, the data has already been returned. In the __next token where there should have been a URL an error message is put in JSON format. This text is an invalid URL and therefore results in a correct error message.

The text “The cause of this issue will be investigated as soon as possible” is a bit misleading. It is wise to assume that the investigation can take years to start.

Advice is to use other tables like DocumentsBulk.

New versions will provide an itgenoda491 specifically for this purpose:

The next URL signals that a problem has occurred on the API server. The linked platformed indicates that the cause of the problem will be investigated as soon as possible.