Itgensmo003: An unknown error occurred

Good morning,

I am using the SwiftMt940Rabo connector to a new Exact Online division division2@eol.

use division1@eol, division2@eol

Create or replace table temp@inmemorystorage 
select * 
from   exactonlinerest..documentsBulk@eol dct 
join   exactonlinerest..documentattachmentfiles@eol dae 
on = dae.document
where  dct.type = 40 
and    dct.Created > dateadd('day','-5',sysdateutc)
select * 
from   temp@InMemoryStorage 
by     Created DESC

local export documents in AttachmentFromUrl to "c:\temp" filename automatic
SET max-erroneous-files@Bankfiles 20

select * 
from   BankStatementLines@Bankfiles

I get a itgensmo003: One or more errors occurred.

Obviously, this division2@eol includes some *.bas files generated by Mollie Payment that I would like to skip. BuT it seems that the SET max-erroneous-files@Bankfiles 20 does not work as expected?

(I have only 12 files, running BETA 20.1.435)

The error itgensmo003 means that the tag start symbol “:” is missing in the first position of a line. The error displays also that it is probably JSON.

However, as you state, the errors should be ignored up to 20 errors.

Please send a ZIP with all files in c:\temp to our support email address. We will investigate why the set max-erroneous-files@Bankfiles doesn’t expect as you expect.

ok file sent thanks!

Changes have been included to handle an extra edge case on MT940.

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Please note that the new BETA releases after January 21, 2023 contain a Mollie driver: New SQL and Power BI driver: Mollie Payment Provider. Documentation is available on