New Service Account User does not have access to all Company Divisions on ExactOnline

We have a new Service Account made for us. But when I log in to connect to the PowerBI OData Feed using my own Super Admin account, then I am able to retrieve all the Company Divisions data. However, when I try to access it via the Service Account, then I only get one Company Division back.

Could someone help me with this issue?

How do you retrieve the Company Divisions data (steps, table name)?

Is this all through the same Invantive Cloud database using the same Exact Online user account?

Please consult the following note (Dutch) with tips: Nieuwe Exact Online administratie niet zichtbaar in Invantive Cloud voor Power Query/BI

I use the ExactOnlineREST.FinancialTransaction.TransactionLinesBulk table. So the data retrieved from that only consists records from one Company Division.

I have tried using another Super Admin user account to access the database as well. And that is able to retrieve all the Company Divisions data. Only the Service Account is not able to.

My Exact Online Account has admin rights. So think something is happening with the Invantive Cloud side.

Can you please include a screenshot of the SQL Editor, once as user A and once as user B, on the same database.

Please execute the following query:

select division
,      count(*)
from   TransactionLinesBulk@eol
by     division

Remove any data deemed confidential before adding.



The first one is from a Service Account. And the second is from a Super Admin account. Both seem to be the same.

OK, happy that the two Invantive Cloud users see the same data when using the Invantive Cloud SQL Editor.

Perhaps the differences are visible only when using Invantive Bridge Online? Bridge Online adds various caching mechanisms, whose lifetime is per user and per database. Please see Differentiate OData4 for Power BI Cache Behavior for more information.

The start of the cache’s lifetime is per user different.

Please check the cache intervals set in case the problem only occurs when querying using Invantive Bridge Online and remember that an identical data download by two different users can have different cache lifetimes start values.

In Invantive Bridge Online Monitoring you can see displayed as a checkbox for each different user whether the data was taken from cache or not. The Bridge Online Monitoring solely displays data currently from the connected Cloud user so you may have to switch between browser sessions.

That actually solved it for now I think!

Thanks a lot for your help.

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