Policy on changes on connected platforms: the proof of the pudding is in the eating

A change in the Invantive subscription terms is currently rolling out.

The essential change is a different policy on changes in connected platforms. Although an effort will be made to follow changes on connected platforms as quickly as possible, we now make explicitly that this is not always possible nor guaranteed.

Over the past years, we have learnt that not all platform follow industry best-practices. It is not uncommon to see:

  • breaking changes making it into production without prior announcement or post-live feedback;
  • breaking changes formally agreed upon to be delayed go live just days after the agreement;
  • breaking changes activated during typical frozen periods such as end of fiscal year or an accounting period;
  • breaking changes including specifications announced but going live without an opportunity for certification and based upon different specifications;
  • breaking changes announced with a fixed go-live date and ultimately without feedback the changes postponed, possibly indefinitely, or the go-live stretched across a wide range in terms of time and customers.

It is too challenging for our communication skills to have users understand the impact and uncertainty involved with such changes. Many changes are announced but never go live or with different impact and/or functionality.

Invantive will not inform users in advance of announced or expected changes on any platform, nor will we react within the subscription terms on announcements by connected platforms. This avoids confusion, uncertainty and doubt.

As soon as the changes are available for our development in a representative test environment and/or in production, an assessment will be made and when deemed necessary the impact and approach will be communicated. This follows the popular saying: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

In case you have questions, a consultant can be involved to assess the possible impact of an announced change, provide background on the risks and ensure proper understanding of the associated uncertainty.

Invantive has chosen to clarify this policy in updated subscription terms. For the future, the subscription terms will be further fine-tuned.