Getting Support

An subscription on Invantive products provides a number of extra services besides the use of the software. This document is a guideline on the services. In case of conflict, the text of the formal subscription prevails.

Quick Links


Your subscription entitles you to:

  • use: costs of use are covered by the subscription fee.
  • update: a new version of the software in which errors ascertained up to that point have been removed and/or an expansion of the existing functionality has taken place. The costs of an update are covered by the subscription fee.
  • incident resolution: a disruption to the functioning of the software caused exclusively by the way in which the software is made available and that results in a deviation in the functionality from the description thereof in the documentation. The costs to resolve an incident are covered by the subscription fee.
  • other support: advice provided by Invantive on the use and functioning of the software and execution of other activities. The actual use of other support is charged as separate fees.

As additional service everyone is offered:

  • access to documentation and knowledge base;
  • community-driven registration and follow-up on questions;
  • registration and follow-up on ideas.


Recent versions of the software and release notes are available on We recommend that you always upgrade to the last version with a state of Production of Long Term Support such as release 17.32.

To consultancy for installation of software you can contact our support using phone (+31 88 00 26 599), an Installation request on the Support Portal or send an email (

Use of a different version may require a new subscription key. A new subscription key can be requested using phone (+31 88 00 26 599), a License key request on the Support Portal or by sending an email ( Please remember to include your agreement code or company data.

Incident Resolution


Incidents are categorized in three groups:

  • Category I: software is not functioning at all or is exhibiting malfunctions so frequently that it cannot be used;
  • Category II: software is exhibiting a severe loss in functionality, yet can still be used to a limited degree;
  • Category III: software is exhibiting inconvenient shortcomings, yet may still be used in a more or less normal fashion.

By default, all incidents are categorized as “Category III”. Please inform us when another category in your opinion matches the actual situation better. When necessary, we will ask you to motivate.

The category determines the time after which Invantive starts with activities to repair the incident (“Response Time”). The category also determines the time in which Invantive will make every effort possible to repair the incident (“Repair Time”). The following table describes the constraints:

Category Response Time

(business days)
Repair time

(business days)
I 1 10
II 2 30
III 3 90

The business days stated are based upon the service hours (9 AM-5 PM CET, Dutch holidays).


Incidents can be reported in various ways. Incidents may be reported either in English (preferred) or Dutch.

For first time users, we recommend a direct and interactive contact. When your organization has been using the product(s) for several months or longer, we strive to balance interactive contact with the flexibility of online contact for the best result.

Direct and Interactive Contact

Direct and interactive contact is available during the service hours (9 AM-5 PM CET, Dutch holidays).

Contact can be established using the integrated Online Assistance button in graphical Invantive products. As an alternative, you can install and run the Invantive Support Assistant from Mac and Linux users can use a download of TeamViewer 10 (or older) or Anydesk. Besides screen sharing, we also request you to call our support desk at the same time on +31 88 00 26 599.

When no incident has been pre-registered in the support portal, the first step during a support session is that we guide you through the registration of an incident in the Support Portal. The user registration process and ticket registration process are available as separate documents. We will assist you after the incident was registered.

Our support staff will only look at your screen during an interactive session; they are not allowed to control the PC.

Online Contact

Contact means outside service hours and for experienced users are (in order of decreasing preference):

Incidents received outside of service hours will be processed during service hours.

Please do not send incidents to employees. Emails for an incident to mailboxes of individual employees are handled manually but are not recognized as formally received unless confirmed by a registration mail from the support portal.


An incident report must include a number of elements to ensure swift and relevant resolution of incidents:

  • Problem description;
  • Error code (if any);
  • Reproduction scenario on an isolated environment.

The reproduction scenario must restrict itself to the minimum needed to display the wrong behavior.

Other Support

Other support is advice provided by Invantive on the use and functioning of the software and execution of other activities. The actual use of other support is charged as separate fees.

For short session, please use the Invantive bookings site. Actual duration of the session is rounded up to 30 minutes and billed.

For sessions of 4 hours or more, please contact our sales team at +31 88 00 26 500 or register a request for a consultant on the Support Portal.

Additional Services

Access to documentation and knowledge base

The English site provides:

  • Invantive SQL grammar (button upper right corner);
  • reference manuals (below gray bar titled “Manuals”);
  • data models of popular platforms (below gray bar titled “Data Models”);
  • blog items (button “Notes” upper right corner).

All items are searchable using the zoom button.

Community-driven registration and follow-up on questions

Questions are not covered by your subscription, but Invantive provides means to the community to help each other on the English questions site. Invantive staff also participates in this site.

Registration and follow-up on ideas

Ideas for new or improved functionality of Invantive products can be registered on the English ideas site.