Provide Support with Data Hub and other on-premises products

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For Data Replicator: please consult Provide Support with Data Replicator repository and logging. For Invantive Cloud and Invantive Bridge Online, follow these instructions.

You may be asked to provide detailed logging during the period in which an incident occurred.

This article describes how to provide this information.


The call stack and other context can typically be found in the form System Messages on Invantive Cloud, also for on-premise products. Please visit Anmelden. Include the full URL to the system message in your communication.

The next step is to collect detailed logging of the incident following these steps:

  • Set the environment variable INVANTIVE_TRACE_ACTIVE to “true” as described in the manuals.
  • Set the environment variable INVANTIVE_TRACE_TO_FILE to “true“.
  • Set the environment variable INVANTIVE_TRACE_FOLDER to “c:\temp\ticket-trace” or another folder with at least a few gigabytes of free disk space.

After completing these steps:

  • Close all Invantive programs to ensure the environment variable settings get active.
  • Reproduce the incident using Invantive Data Hub or Invantive Query Tool.
  • The folder c:\\temp\\ticket-trace will contain files with detailed logging.
  • Create a ZIP archive with all the files.
  • Provide the ZIP archive to Invantive Support.

Als je de ‘trace’-folder iedere keer de datum mee geeft van de dag waarop Data Hub gestart wordt, dan is relatief eenvoudig met bijvoorbeeld een powershell script de oudste ‘trace’-folder(s) te verwijderen.