Install License Key on Independent GUI Products on Windows

This articles provides the steps to install a license key on all Invantive software products running without integration into Microsoft Office, running on Microsoft Windows.

For Microsoft Office-integrated products such as Invantive Control for Excel: please read this article on how to install a license key.

For Invantive Data Hub: please read this article.


Execute the following steps for Windows-based independently running Invantive products:

  • Invantive Query Tool
  • Invantive Data Loader
  • Invantive Runtime

as shown:

  1. Retrieve a license key using an online form.
  2. The license key will be sent by email to the license coordinator on the agreement.
  3. Wait for the mail to be received and correctly as explained regarding the itgenlic413 error.
  4. On the next working day, the license key is also available in the customer portal.
  5. Copy the whole key to the clipboard.
  6. Start the Invantive Windows application.
  7. Wait for the log on window to appear.
  8. Select the “wrench“ symbol in the top-right to open the diagnostics window (red 1 in picture):
  9. Open the Help menu group (red 2 in picture):
  10. Select “Agreement“ menu option (red 3 in picture):
  11. Wait for the agreement window to appear and then select “Paste license key from clipboard“ (red 4 in picture):
  12. Select “Close“.
  13. Close the Diagnostics window.
  14. Continue use of the Invantive product.