Itgenlic143: License key activation failed

During use of Invantive products you may encounter a license validation error:

itgenlic143: License key activation failed.
The validation of the license key on the Internet failed.
ActivationFailed: The license has been disabled in the service. ServiceNotificationFailed: The license has been disabled in the service. Please contact support regarding license contract code ‘L123456789’. (13…99).

In this error, the value ‘L123456789’ can be different and should equal the unique code of your subscription, starting with the capital ‘L’. The very long number ‘13…99’ is the serial number of the license key being used.

Each subscription has a separate agreement. All your agreements are visible on Invantive Cloud:

Sample of an Invantive agreement

For each agrement there can be multiple license keys. Each license key is individually distributed and managed. Select the button “License keys” (Dutch: “Licentiesleutels”) to view your keys. Each key, as identified by the serial number 132…235 below, has an associated license key:

With the key, a summary is shown when the key was first and last activated and from what IP-addresses.

The license key can be copied from Invantive Cloud and pasted into the license window of the various Invantive applications without further considerations. The whole text of the an email used to distribute the key can also as a whole be pasted into graphical products. Also, the license can be downloaded as file using the “Download License” button. The contents of this file can be pasted to in complete into the license window. The Invantive software extract the actual key from the mail or file. Solely Invantive Data Hub and Invantive Data Replicator require entering the actual key value given their console nature.

License keys not used for 7 months are automatically disabled to reduce chance of abuse of “forgotten license keys”.

To install a new license key, the following topics provide further information:

When the license key is not accepted and raises an itgenlic413 error, please read Itgenlic413 on pasting license key into Invantive product.

When the license key reports an itgenlic152 about exceeding the maximum number of activations, please read Itgenlic152: The number of license activiations has already reached 5, which is the maximum number of activations.

Please contact Invantive Support for loading license keys into web server products such as Invantive Cloud, Invantive Producer Web or Invantive Data Access Point.