Itgenlic152: The number of license activiations has already reached 5, which is the maximum number of activations

An error can occur reading:

itgenlic152: The number of license activations has already reached 5, which is the maximum number of activations.
ActivationFailed: Activation limit reached.
Please contact support regarding license contract code ‘L12345678’.

To resolve this error, please contact Invantive Support, quoting the contract code (in this sample: “L12345678”).

During configuration of the license, a license key is loaded. This is typically done using Copy & Paste from an email. Each individual license key can have a limited number of times that it can be activated at most. Once this limit has been reached, the license key can no more be used for additional activations.

Either a new key for the same license is needed or a new key with a higher maximum number of activations.

The default number of license activations of a license key depends on the product used. For instance, the Invantive Office for Entrepreneurs product allows 5 activations for each user, leading to a maximum of 10 activations. Enterprise products typically have a higher limit.

For individual licenses, the Invantive License Desk can configure a higher limit. When the default maximum number of activations is not suitable for your use case, please state your use case when contacting Invantive Support. They will create a ticket for you and forward it to the Invantive License Desk.