Adjustment support procedure for more control on your budget

Practically all users of the Invantive products make use of the possibility to close a support contract on the software. With it you retain the right to use a new version of the software. In addition you can report problems with the software at Invantive. Invantive will then do what it can to remove the source of the problems. Finally, a support contract guarantees the availability of a professional implementation consultant for a clear price.

Questions outside support contract

We regularly receive questions that do not fall under the support contract. For example questions that require knowledge of the implementation at the company or questions that relate to: “How do I set up the software so that…”. Such questions belong to implementation consultants.

The costs for such questions are not covered by the standard support contract. That is why invoiced are sent monthly for the time allocation outside of the support contract. Sometimes these invoices are unexpected or their size is unexpected. At Invantive we do not like it either if a high cellphone bill arrives or, for example, a legal advisor spends a lot of time to a question that could be dealt with by telephone or where extra budget would have been calculated for.

New support procedure

To help our relations with keeping control on their budgets, we have adjusted the procedure for the provision of support":

In the handling of a support request the attending support manager first checks if the request is complete, and subsequently if the request if covered by the support contract. If that is not the case, then the support request is adjusted into a request to supply advice services and you will receive a proposal for this.

  • You can see by the status of a request whether it has been accepted as support request:
  • Category is “Call” and status is “New”: the request has not yet been accepted for processing within the support contract.
  • Category is “Call” and status is “Approved” or something else: the request is accepted for processing with the support contract.
  • Category is different than “Call”: it concerns a request for delivery of advice services. You will receive a proposal for this.