PostgreSQL itgenpsr003: "Kon niet alle metadata laden"

I setup a PostgreSQL database in Invantive, seemed alright but got an 500 error from Power BI when trying to connect to it.

I guess it’s related to the message I see as error in the Diagnostics → System Messages in the Invantive interface:

Kon niet alle metadata laden.
Het aantal gevonden 1,229 primaire sleutels moet kleiner zijn dan het totaal van 938 tabellen en 28 views.
Controleer of de gebruiker daadwerkelijk tabellen of views in de database’ kan opvragen.

Apparently I have too many primary keys … ? How is that a problem, and how could I fix it?

On PostgreSQL, there are various validations to ensure that the privileges are correctly set up in the database.

Best is to reach out to the DBA of the database, and have him use the Invantive Query Tool to connect to the database. We can provide instructions on how to assess the privileges using pgAdmin.

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