Reduce OData Download Size by Sharing Data Sets in Power BI

Invantive Cloud enables you to fast and reliably download data from over 70 platforms in Power BI and/or Power Query. Also, Invantive Cloud enables download of data from multiple or even hundreds of companies with one table on partitioned platforms such as Exact Online, Twinfield, Yuki,, Loket, NMBRS and Visma eAccounting.

Make sure you understand the structure of Invantive Cloud before starting to optimize the performance and reducing the download. Learn the structure on Invantive Cloud Structure.

An overall starting point for Power BI optimization techniques is available on Overview of Power BI Performance and Download Size Improvement Techniques.

The total data volume downloaded can be exceed the available bandwidth over time or Invantive imposed restrctions when you create multiple reports in Power BI using the same data over and over. It is not uncommon that an OData download of multiple companies is hundreds of megabytes, such as 250 MB. Over two gigabyte of business data is downloaded into Power BI when the same data is used in ten Power BI reports. The data is served from an Invantive cache to reduce strain on the cloud platforms, but nonetheless it is large.

As a general guideline, we strongly recommend that you fine-tune your reports to a total download volume of 2 GB per day. Higher download volumes may be throttled or even aborted.

How do I reduce OData download volume in Power BI?

Execute one or multiple of the following steps to reduce the OData download volume into Power BI and/or Power Query: