Request to access more Loket endpoints: SepaFilesByPayrollRunId

Can I get help raising a new request at Loket to grant the client application of Invantive access to the following endpoints:

  • SepaFilesByPayrollRunId (/providers/employers/payrolladministrations/payrollruns/{payrollrunId}/sepafiles)
  • JournalRunsByPayrollAdministrationId (/providers/employers/payrolladministrations/{payrollAdministrationId}/journalruns)
  • JournalRunResultsByJournalRunId (/providers/employers/payrolladministrations/journalruns/{journalrunId}/results)

We have issued a request at Loket (#212610) to add these to the current list of scopes on the Invantive client ID’s.

By procedure design of Loket it is not possible to issue such a request as end users.

Loket will review the request, study the consequences and decide whether it can be added. When it is added, the table will become available for all Invantive users with their own data elements.

Perfect, thank you. Will there be any notification about this when it is done, or can I follow the request anywhere?

When we get feedback from Loket regarding the raised request, we will update this topic.

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Perfect, thanks!

All Invantive products can now access SepaFilesByPayrollRunId. The other scopes were already assigned.

To access the Loket tables, the user used also needs privileges, such as on:

  • Consult journal output.
  • Download payment files.
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The maintenance of the Loket scopes is quite a burden due to the work needed and the number of individual scopes to be requested one-by-one. Therefore a policy change was introduced; changes to the standard Invantive client scopes can only be handled against a surcharge. Please contact for pricing. As an alternative, you might want to reach out to Loket and acquire a client ID.