Loket privileges on DeviatingAwfContributionBy

I get the same error with the tables below. Is it possible to make the endpoints below also available for the Client Application?

  • DeviatingAwfContributionByEmploymentId
  • DeviatingAwfContributionByDeviatingAwfContributionId
  • PutDeviatingAwfContributionByDeviatingAwfContributionId

We will hold it for the moment. Please ask the Loket application administrator to reach out to your contact person at Loket for a generic solution.

The maintenance of the Loket scopes is quite a burden due to the work needed and the number of individual scopes to be requested one-by-one. Therefore a policy change was introduced; changes to the standard Invantive client scopes can only be handled against a surcharge. Please contact sales@invantive.com for pricing. As an alternative, you might want to reach out to Loket and acquire a client ID.