Retrieval and editing database information with Invantive Control

Edit Microsoft Excel data with Invantive Control

With Invantive Control you keep the flexibility of Excel. Without loss of integrity and reliability Excel calculation models can be edited compliant with ISO 27002 or SAS 70. With Invantive Control you have complete control on complex risk calculations models in the database.

Advantages Invantive Control 2012 R1

With the new software release Invantive Control offers the following advantages:

  • Saving time through the faster opening, editing and saving of Excel templates.
  • Faster exchange of data from the database with Excel thanks to web service.
  • Edit large risk models.
  • Up to 2 GB data per Excel table possible.
  • Complex templates can be opened faster thanks to compression of plug-ins.

Changes Invantive Control

Invantive Control release 2012 r1 presentation (Dutch)