More grip and control on the Microsoft Excel data with Invantive Control

Local sharing and editing of Microsoft Excel data

Invantive Control makes working with an Excel database flexible. Without the loss of flexibility, data can be retrieved and edited via a central database and a local Excel model. Within the data model data can be added and edited or calculations and reports can be made. The edited data can be shared with others. Advantages of this are that recopied mistakes and working with loose data files or forms in Microsoft Excel are a thing of the past.

Execute queries in Microsoft Excel

Invantive Control offers, besides the flexibility within Excel, more control on the database data. This makes the planning of an e-mail marketing campaign using an Excel contact list simple. A contact list of, for example, “ladies between the ages of 25 and 30 with children” can be retrieved with ease. A database marketeer or database manager can print, filter, edit, group and share the desired contact list by executing queries. By exchanging data between different databases work can be done more efficient and more effective.

With Invantive Control an organization has more grip and control on the Microsoft Excel data.

Some of the advantages:

  • Real-time data warehousing.
  • Edit and exchange database data out of Excel.
  • Force ISO-27002 standard in combination with Microsoft Excel.
  • Data storage and communication between local workstations through a secured central database.
  • Manage database with complex projects.
  • Compliance rules.

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