Press Release: Grip on data in Microsoft Excel with Invantive Control

Invantive Control creates a bridge between Microsoft Excel and data warehouses based on data vault

Hierden, 2011-09-04 – Invantive has completed developing the software Invantive Control. Invantive Control creates a bridge between Microsoft Excel and data warehouses based on data vault. Invantive Control was developed in collaboration with Ballast Nedam, and with the help of WBSO subsidy.

Due to years of experience and conversations with customers Invantive has insight in what users exactly want from complex risk models. Flexible, intuitive and quick to implement data just like this is possible in Excel. But also share data, consolidate and analyze from different angles.

Microsoft Excel is very flexible but once the data has to be modified by several people or has to develop a business critical character, then the disadvantages of the flexibility of Excel emerges. It becomes even worse when the data have to comply with regulations such as ISO 27002 or SAS 70.

Invantive Control offers the solution

With Invantive Control it is possible for users to keep their flexibility within Excel whenever possible, without renouncing integrity and confidentiality. Guido Leenders of Invantive explains that it often can be a dilemma: ‘Even real control freaks told me they would rather use Excel to analyze data and compile. But for control on Excel processes they find Excel by default inadequate, which makes for quite a dilemma’.

Not so with Invantive Control; users can retrieve data within their possibilities, take, customize and process the data again later in the data warehouse. Without manual intervention of a IT department and without many expenses or much effort. All this within the framework of the agreed business rules. And thanks to Control Invantive you can meet standards as ISO 27002 or SAS 70 while you can still continue to use Excel.

About Invantive

Invantive provides solutions for more control on business processes for real estate companies, financial institutions and project-based companies. The software of Invantive provides project driven companies worldwide higher returns on projects. How does Invantive do this? Thanks to years of industry knowledge with precise customized solutions, but also with cost-effective solutions based on its own standard products.