Roller Software SQL/Power BI Connector Update

The Invantive SQL connector for Roller, a SAAS solution for attractions, entertainment and leisure venues, has been updated to the now correct API version. New tables include:

  • Attendance Locations by Date
  • Booking by ID
  • Booking Items
  • Booking Items by Booking ID
  • Bookings
  • Customer by ID
  • Discount Codes
  • Discount Products
  • Membership Redemptions by Date
  • Membership Statuses by Date
  • Product Availabilities by Date
  • Product Availability Allocations by Date
  • Product Availability by Date
  • Product Availability Sessions by Date
  • Product Availability Session Allocations by Date
  • Reporting Categories
  • Reporting Category Products

Full documentation is available on

The updated connector is bundled with Invantive Cloud, all 20.0 production releases and 20.1 BETA releases by June 29, 2020.