Release 2 of NMBRS connector for Power BI and Invantive SQL

The NMBRS connector has been live for several years, but had gained close to no users in the past. The typical payroll process at that time did not involve extensive use of reporting tools or KPIs, nor did the API offer these capabilities.

Over the 18 months, we have seen a tremendous increase in the need for analysis and reporting on large payroll environments, mostly in the Netherlands. This seems to have been further accelerated in the last 6 months, which might be related to Corona and various governmental support programs.

The new Loket (REST) connector and Exact Online Salaris connector over time have grown to maturity with a user population and thousands of connected companies. However, the NMBRS connector has been lagging and many APIs added by NMBRS over the last years have not been incorporated. Also, the original naming of tables with payroll information is considered obsolete.

Therefore a new release of the NMBRS connector will be created and shipped starting with an upcoming 20.1 BETA release.

The new release will be a breaking change for existing NMBRS Power BI reports and queries.

To revert to the original behaviour and data model, please set the connector attribute revert-to-v1 to true. By default all new releases, including those on Invantive Cloud, will use the new data model.

A first version of the V2.0 Power BI connector for NMBRS is available on Invantive Cloud. See Dutch release message of 30 November 2020.