Special line number such as 0 and 9999 on financial transactions in Exact Online

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Exact Online records lines of financial transaction in its database. Almost always a column LineNumber is present containing the line number within the transaction. A number of line numbers have a special meaning:

  • 0: total of the financial transaction
  • 9999: VAT of the financial transaction

Not all of these line numbers occur. For example, in SalesInvoiceLinesBulk, special line numbers do not occur at all, while they do partially occur in SalesInvoiceLinesIncremental.

For reports, it is advisable to think carefully about which line numbers are needed:

  • all of them (rarely),
  • only the totals (the 0 line),
  • the individual ones (all except the special ones).

For example, to reproduce the obsoleted table Transactions use TransactionLinesIncremental where LineNumber=0.


If you sell 100 Euro worth of products with exactly one line on the sales invoice, you will find three lines:

Line number Amount Explanation
0 121 Total
1 100 Products
9999 21 VAT

Negative Amounts

Using incremental tables on Exact Online also sometimes causes confusion about the amounts. In the incremental tables like SalesInvoiceLinesIncremental, sales has a negative sign, while a credit note has a positive sign. This aligns with TransactionLinesIncremental. However, in the non-incremental table, a sale has a positive sign, presumably because that was easier to understand for end-users. The incremental tables may reflect more of the internal structure of Exact Online.