Recommended and popular Exact Online tables for 2022

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The Invantive drivers make all 1.100 usable tables available for Exact Online in real-time.

The Exact Online tables are available for use in SQL, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, Power Query, Azure Data Factory, Qlik, Tableau and other popular packages.

The steps to link Exact Online with Power BI can be found in Connect Power BI to Exact Online, 180 days free.

Recommended Tables

The following tables are recommended for use on Exact Online reports and analysis. Tables have been selected from the over 1.100 tables available for both best real-time performance as well as providing excellent coverage for many questions (note that many more detailed tables exist, see data model at the end):

Area Table name Contents
General SystemDivisions available Exact Online companies
General AccountsIncremental customers, suppliers and prospects
General ItemsIncremental articles
General ItemGroups article groups
General TransactionLinesIncremental financial transactions in any ledger
Accounting BalanceLinesPerPeriod balance per company, general ledger account and financial period
Accounting AROutstandingItems open sales invoices
Accounting APOutstandingItems open purchase invoices
Accounting GLAccountsIncremental general ledger accounts
Accounting BudgetScenarios budget scenarios
Accounting Budgets budgeted amounts
Projects ProjectsIncremental projects
Projects PjtTimeTransactionsIncremental hours on projects
Projects ProjectWBSIncremental work breakdown structure
Trade SupplierItems suppliers
Trade BatchNumbers batch number
Trade SerialNumbers serial numbers
Trade WarehouseTransfers warehouse transfer
Trade WarehouseTransferLines lines of warehouse transfer
Trade StockPositionsIncremental article stock positions
Trade StorageLocationStockPositionsIncremental detailed stock positions
Trade GoodsDeliveryLinesBulk outgoing goods
Trade GoodsReceiptLines incoming goods
Manufacturing ShopOrders shop orders
Manufacturing Workcenters work centers
Manufacturing MfgSalesOrderLines manufacturing sales order lines
Manufacturing MfgTimeTransactions work center time consumption
Sales SalesOrderLinesIncremental sales orders and their lines
Sales SalesInvoiceLinesIncremental invoices and invoice lines
Purchase PurchaseOrderLinesIncremental purchase orders and their lines
Payroll Employees employees
Payroll Employments employments
Payroll PayrollTransactions payroll transactions

Note that Exact Online has a mixed ledger with everything becoming real-time a financial transaction).

Note also that for transaction tables such as TransactionLinesIncremental and SalesOrderLinesIncremental the header is stored as line number 0. For more details see Special line number such as 0 and 9999 on financial transactions in Exact Online.

Currently most often used tables

A few Exact Online tables were the most used over the past year. The table below shows which Exact Online tables are the most popular and will help you selecting tables.

The currently most often used tables deviate from the recommended tables, since many of the now recommended tables didn’t exist when people developed their reports.

Position Table name Description
1 TransactionLinesIncremental Journal entries and lines
2 DocumentAttachmentsIncremental Document attachments
3 SalesOrderLinesIncremental Sales orders and lines
4 AccountsIncremental Accounts
5 SalesInvoiceLinesIncremental Sales invoices and lines
6 PjtTimeTransactions Time on Projects
7 ReportingBalance Balances
8 GLAccountClassificationMappings General Ledger account mappings
9 XML.AccountClassifications Account classification
10 SalesEntries Sales

The full list of over 1.100 tables is available online:

A graphical representation of the relationships between tables in Exact Online is available online: