Statically deploying Invantive's ClickOnce applications on servers

Attention! Invantive software products are no longer shipped using Microsoft ClickOnce. Starting Summer 2017, solely MSI installers are made available. Please use a current installer from

Invantive provides an integrated and wide range of applications for use with enterprise ERP systems and for instance Exact Online. These applications use Microsoft ClickOnce technology to ease deployment across thousands of individual desktops. This also enables multiple versions of the same product to be installed and running within one environment.

However, in server environments it is often desirable to revert to traditional deployment on a fixed installation location. This holds both for large scale deployments using Citrix or Terminal Server, but also for headless installations of Invantive Data Hub.

The static deployments are available in the GUI products through the Diagnostics menu. However, when you are running a server without GUI or you have no access to the GUI, you can also statically deploy the software using the scripting language. You can use the following statements:

  • local check update: make sure you are running the latest version made available to your environment (see 1 in the picture).

  • local deploy static: deploy the software statically on a fixed location (see 2 in the picture). When no folder is specified as argument it will deploy on a pre-determined location, consisting of your product name and channel (see 4 in the picture). You can specify a deviating folder as a parameter.

This functionality is available on all releases published May 23 2016 and later. Need assistance? Please use online assistance.