Copy Invantive database definitions to another user or PC

Some users use custom Invantive database definitions, such as to connect to two Exact Online countries or to both SQL Server and Octopus.

When moving from one PC to another PC, how can I to make the database definitions available for Invantive software products on the new device?


There are many approaches available, some very complex like the use of DNS. However, 99% of database definitions are distributed using one of the following two approaches.

Database definitions are stored in files. By default, the database definitions are searched for by looking for files named settings*.xml in the configuration folder. The configuration folder defaults to %USERPROFILE%\invantive and a deviating path for all configuration files can be specified by setting the environment variable INVANTIVE_CONFIGURATION_FOLDER.

Move to Central Location

A deviating path to search for solely database definitions can be specified using the environment variable INVANTIVE_CONFIGURATION_DATABASES_FOLDER.

Executed the following steps:

  1. Create a network folder or alike such as ‘h:\invantive\databases’.
  2. Copy the settings*.xml files to this folder.
  3. Ensure that each user has an environment variable INVANTIVE_CONFIGURATION_DATABASES_FOLDER that points to the folder.
  4. Re-start the Invantive programs.

Copy Database Definitions

The database definition files can also be copied across device and/or user accounts by copying the files named settings*.xml.

Some files might contain encrypted passwords. The original data can only be decrypted by the user and/or machine that encrypted them.