How to find %USERPROFILE%\invantive


Invantive products maintain data locally in a list of folders beneath a common root. The default location of these folders is listed in documentation as %USERPROFILE%\invantive.

How can I navigate to this root folder?


The part %USERPROFILE% stands for a so-called Windows environment variable. It is expanded automatically in many programs to the actual value.

The use of a Windows environment variable is necessary since your system administrator can relocate a user’s data to reduce costs, improve manageability or improve your experience.

Note that Invantive products can be configured to use other folders.

Using Windows Explorer

The easiest way to determine the value is to use the Window Explorer:

  • Start Windows Explorer using the start menu or pressing the Windows plus E key simultaneously.

  • In the address bar on top enter: %USERPROFILE%\invantive:

  • Press ENTER.

  • The address bar now displays the location:

  • Click in the address bar or press Alt+D to see the full path:

Using Command Line

The location can also determined using the command line using the following steps:

  • Open the command line by choosing “Command Prompt” from the start menu.

  • Alternatively, you can press Windows and R keys together and enter “cmd”:

  • Enter: echo %USERPROFILE%\invantive{code}

  • And press the enter key.

  • The result is displayed: