Log for automated analysis of historical executions of Invantive SQL-products

Every completed execution of an Invantive product appends an entry to the local execution log. The execution log is in XML-format and located by default at %USERPROFILE%\executionlog.xml.

The name and location of the execution log can be altered by placing the full path and file name in the environment variable INVANTIVE_EXECUTION_LOG_FILE.

The root tag EXECUTIONLOGS contains an EXECUTIONLOG for every execution once finished. The following elements are available:

  • VERSION: the record format, always ‘1’.
  • MESSAGEUID: the UID of the message as registered on Invantive Cloud.
  • IIID: the Invantive Installation ID of the device.
  • SESSIONID: the ID of the session.
  • LICENSECODE: the code of the subscription contract.
  • LICENSEKEYID: the numeric ID of the license key.
  • MACHINENAME: the name of the device.
  • EXECUTABLENAME: the name and path of the executable.
  • APPLICATIONNAME: the name of the Invantive application.
  • APPLICATIONVERSION: the version of the Invantive application.
  • USERNAME: the name of the operating system user.
  • PROCESSID: the ID of the OS process.
  • STARTTIMEUTC: the start time of the process (UTC).
  • ENDTIMEUTC: the end time of the process (UTC).
  • EXITCODE: the exit code of the process.
  • EXITLEVEL: the textual description of the exit code.
  • EXITMESSAGECODE: the message code associated with the execution exit.
  • ISHEADLESS: whether the proces ran headless.
  • COMPUTERMANUFACTURER: the name of the device’s manufacturer.
  • COMPUTERMODEL: the model of the device.
  • OSVERSION: the version of the operating system.
  • PHYSICALMEMORYINBYTES: the number of bytes in the physical memory.