How to resolve itgeneor019 on log in to Exact Online

After an upgrade of Invantive Control for Excel or Query Tool, you may receive an error upon connecting to Exact Online:

itgeneor019: The database ‘Exact Online - Exact Online (nl)’ could not be opened.

The API URL has not been provided in the connection string. Please specify the API URL using the attribute ‘api-url’ in the connection string.

This error is caused since both old and new definitions exist in your folder with database definitions for Exact Online. Old definitions refer to an obsoleted URL. The solution is to make the old definitions unavailable.

To resolve the itgeneor019 error, please execute the following steps:

  • Start Windows Explorer.
  • Go to the folder %USERPROFILE% by entering %USERPROFILE% in the address bar.
  • This typically navigates to c:\users\NAME.
  • Go to the folder Invantive.
  • Rename the settings.xml file to settings.bak when existing.
  • Rename the settings-discovery.xml fiel settings-discovery.bak when existing.
  • Restart Invantive Control for Excel or Invantive Query Tool.
  • Try to log on again.

When the problem still occurs, please contact Invantive Support.