SwiftMt940Rabo missing some string in StatementAccountidentification?

Regarding the SwiftMt940Rabo connector, doing a:

select * 
from   BankStatementLines@Bankfiles

not sure if I’m wrong but StatementAccountidentification row seems limited to varchar(15) whereas the SWIFT MT940-file contains at mark :25: a varchar(18) in my case, so StatementAccountidentification seems to miss the last 3 digits.

The column StatementAccountIdentification has no length limitation.

Can you provide a sample of a :25: row in this topic (anonymized)?

Can you also state what bank produced the MT940-file.

There are some special handling depending on bank, that might fail in your case.

For instance ING provides accounts in the format:

NL12 3456 0789 EUR

whereas RABOBank provides them as:

NL1234560789 EUR

The .bas file is provided via ABN AMRO. Here is how it starts:


(IBAN is anonymised, but keeping the string length and structure)

select StatementAccountidentification 
from BankStatementLines@Bankfiles

will return:


Thank you. Previously, the following record 25 format were supported:

  • ING 1: IBAN with spaces every four characters, followed by space plus currency symbol.
  • ING 2: IBAN without spaces, directly followed by currency symbol.
  • RABO: IBAN without spaces, followed by space plus currency symbol.

In the next release 20.1.518, support will have been added for the format:

  • ABN: IBAN without spaces, without currency.

Currency will be defaulted to ‘EUR’. Criterium to select between ING 2 and ABN will be whether the last three characters of the record 25 format are all digits or not.